Dance & fitness have always been a part of Cyntelia Abrams' life!

Cyntelia, aka Cyn, performed as a young girl for Soapstone Center of Fine Arts and the Conservatory of Dance and Fine Arts.

She continued her dance journey through college, performing with Hampton University's Ebony Fire Dance Team.

In 2011, Cyn discovered she was pregnant with her first child. She made healthy eating and fitness part of her entire pregnancy. The result? Cyn gained just 15 lbs and gave birth to a healthy, 8lb boy. Two years later, she welcomed a beautiful her car on Highway 78. But that's another story!

Cyn is committed to living well and encouraging others to remain physically active. In recent years, Cyn has become a certified group fitness instructor and Zumba instructor. She began teaching at Triple 7 in 2013 and is also the choreographer for Shiloh High School Silver Lining Dance Team.

Cyn has been married to her high school sweetheart for almost ten years.



Wednesday 7:30 pm Cardio Fusion